The UK is officially stepping into springtime. And, after spending so long in our homes over the past 12 months, the warmer weather is coaxing us outside for some much-needed air. However, spring is also the perfect time to prepare your home for summer. It’s common practice to check over your property and make sure it can withstand the cold weather fluctuations or winter. But there are also vital checks that will ensure your home is ready for the day-long sunshine that’s surely on its way. Here at 5 jobs to do before we reach those summer months.

Check Your Paths and Driveways

Heavy rainfalls, leaves dropping and seasonal neglect can all lead to our paths and driveways becoming heavily soiled. This presents tripping hazards and degrades the curb-appeal of your home. Block paving can be easily brought back to life with a good scrub and soapy water. Use a washing-up liquid or an acid-free soap-based floor cleaning product for the best results. If your block paving has been sealed with a sealant, it can also be cleaned with a jet washer that will remove stubborn marks quickly.

Access your paving and paths to ensure no blocks or slabs have come loose. If you notice weeds growing in inconvenient places, use a relevant weed killer to remove these before they cause additional damage. Many weeds can be pulled out or scraped off using a hoe. To prevent them from growing back, regularly brush your block paving and ensure a good-quality sealant is used to prevent weeds from settling into the structure.

Check Your Conservatory

It’s likely that your conservatory was one of the least used rooms during winter. As the weather starts to heat up again, you’ll want to make the most of this breach between indoors and outdoors. We recommend checking all windows and joints in your conservatory now to identify any issues. Check the sealing and inspect your windows for any corrosion. Clean off the roof as debris here can build up in your guttering and cause pooling water. And, give the windows a good clean – after all, you’ll want the best view possible when the sun does come to play.

Check Windows for Leaks, Moisture Build-Up

Winter is one of the most challenging times for your windows. The consistent exposure to fluctuating temperatures means you’re heavily reliant on them helping to maintain a constant internal temperature. Check for any gaps between the window, frame and the wall to reduce the chance of draughts. Also, review the overall condition of your windows. OIder windows will struggle to deal with different temperatures so it may be time to consider replacements – such as modern UPVC windows.

Here at Castle Home Improvements, we work with clients to ensure their homes work smoothly throughout the seasons. If you have noticed any issues with your conservatory, windows or doors, get in contact and let us see how we can help you.