Our home is a reflection of who we are, it tells a story about you. That’s why you shouldn’t overlook the latest interior trends for the upcoming summer season.

#1 Arts and Crafts

The arts and crafts community were almost forgotten for a period of time, particularly around the home, so isn’t it wonderful but surprising to see them making a huge comeback? Personalised items and decorative elements all add a unique personal touch to your home. An offering of endless beautiful and unique pieces of pottery, textiles, wood, metal, leatherwork and soft furnishings which will no doubt fit in well with the interior of your home, complementing existing décor. There are so many artistic and talented businesses to discover either in and around your local area or online, so why not go and seek some out?

#2 Ornate Ceilings

It seems a long time coming, but ceilings are getting some well deserved design attention and rightly so. For a long time, our ceilings have been overlooked and often neglected. Once upon a time, ` ceilings were designed to create a focal point in a room and given a lot of attention with ornate decorative additions, elaborate ceiling roses and more. Over time, these elements faded away. Ceilings were once the focal point of the room and they were given much attention, with intricate details and ornate designs. As the years progressed, these design features disappeared but now they are making a resurgence. Creative and attractive designs now make ceilings an attractive focal point as they once were. Ceiling designs are becoming even more impressive with the addition of colour, the application of plaster mouldings, the installation of false ceilings and the addition of complimentary lighting to create mood and atmosphere.

#3 Flooring interior trends

Due to the increasing demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable materials, new floor surfaces are making their mark on the interior design industry. Recycled wood flooring and cork are just two of the products that are used. Sustainable materials are much more appealing and even include painted decking in small kitchens which look really attractive. There are so many different ways to achieve the look, making them incredibly affordable options too.

#4 Rugs

If you don’t want the huge task of a full redecoration but you want to add that dap of sleekness then go for a statement rug, the one that’s going to grab the attention. Don’t just stop with a rug on the floor, with the right dimensions a rug can look just as chic hanging as a piece of wall art again making a striking decorative element in any which room.

#5 Colour Schemes

The summertime is about being bold, being out there somewhere in the world, travelling to places, seeing sights and colours to behold. Why not bring that boldness of colour into your own space add a splash of colour to brighten up your kitchen, dining area, living room or reception area? What interior trends do you think you will use in your home this summertime? The only limit is your imagination.