Updating your home can be one of the most exciting ventures you undertake. It gives you the opportunity to create a space to your exact requirements and change all those little things that niggle at you throughout the property. With more and more people looking to not only improve their décor but also increase the value of their home, we’ve decided to take a look at the 7 most common home improvements and why they’re so popular.

1. Updating your kitchen or bathroom

Two rooms that get the most use in a house, kitchens and bathrooms are key places where home improvement takes place. Although this can mean a significant investment, these rooms rarely need changing again once they have been initially renovated.

2. Replacing your boiler

Another costly but practical home improvement that many homeowners choose to invest in is a new boiler. Newer models are more efficient, therefore can have a significant reduce your monthly bills. They can also mean hotter water quicker and more effective central heating – an essential point throughout Winter.

3. Garden makeover

Appreciating the great outdoors is something that the whole family can enjoy. That’s why garden renovations continue to grow in popularity. The right landscaping design will help you make the most of all your external space while also giving you something beautiful to look at when relaxing in your conservatory or peeking out the kitchen window.

4. Double glazing

Many of us fall in love with the aesthetics of older homes. However, in many cases, this beauty comes with one downfall – single glazed windows. If you’re looking to insulate your home more effectively, investing in double glazing for your windows is a practical solution.

5. Building an extension

Instead of moving home for more space, families are now choosing to build extensions on to their existing property. This gives them the freedom to dictate design, layout and practicalities such as storage. On top of all that, it provides additional space for your family to live and can add significant value to your property.

6. Loft conversion

Another brilliant way of increasing space in your home is by renovating your loft space. Most conversion projects don’t require planning permission and can be done without causing much disruption to your normal life. And, they also add value to a property.

7. Fitting solar panels

Staying conscious of our impact on the environment has seen more families opt to have solar panels fitted on their homes. They reduce your family’s carbon footprint, help to reduce costly energy bills and can potentially add value to your home.

Home improvements are a brilliant way of transforming the space that you and your family call home and giving you the freedom to experiment with your creativity.