In our modern world, we are all looking for ways to cut down on monthly household bills. And sometimes, no matter how many times you switch or cut back, it just doesn’t seem to be making a significant impact. One way you can reliably reduce your monthly heating bill is by investing in new windows for your property. Learn how this can make a difference in new and old properties alike.

How could my current windows be contributing to high heating bills?

According to recent research, you could be losing up to 40% of your home’s energy directly out of your windows. This is considerably more than that lost through walls and the roof – largely due to current insulation requirements. Older windows are commonly made from a single pane of glass, known as single glazed windows. They are said to be up to 20% less efficient than insulated walls when it comes to both loss and storage.

What are the signs that my windows should be replaced?

Most homeowners will know quite early on whether they should replace windows. For some houses, you’ll feel the chill significantly in certain rooms – especially when sat close to the windows. You may notice that the glass becomes foggy or cloudy due to condensation or that your windows are particularly hard to open or close. In other cases, homeowners can find themselves constantly running their heating throughout the entire day just to keep the house at a comfortable temperature. All of these are signs that your windows may be reaching their demise and should be replaced with newer models.

What new windows should I choose?

The answer here comes down to both your property and budget. Here at Castle Home Improvements, we have a selection of high quality, double-glazed or UPVC windows to fit your needs. Double glazed windows have a host of benefits along with heightened insulation. They can reduce excessive noise from outside, improve the security in your home and increase your property’s value. UPVC windows are a low maintenance alternative, made from a tough and durable material that is reliably rot resistant. They are long lasting and provide acoustic insulation in many homes.

The best way to identify the right window option for you is to get in touch today. Our experienced and friendly team are happy to provide advice and recommendations for your property. And, we’ll work within your budget to make sure your household budgets see a significant dip throughout the year.