Here at Castle Home Improvements, we are the West Country’s leading UPVC window company. With over 20 years of experience, we work with residential and commercial clients to find them the best solutions for their properties. Lasting for up to 35 years if properly maintained, most homeowners only replace their windows once or twice at most. And with this comes the question of what to do with old UPVC windows once they’re ready to be disposed of.

Recycling UPVC Windows

The easiest way to dispose of old windows is to have a waste collection company pick them up. However, one of the key benefits of UPVC double-glazing units is that many of the materials and components used can be recycled.

This can help with the following:

  • Reduces the amount of waste that ends up in a landfill.
  • Reduce pollution originally caused by waste incineration.
  • Makes UPVC more of a sustainable product.
  • Saves energy used during the manufacturing process.

How to Recycle Old Windows

Separate The Materials

The most straightforward way to recycle old windows is to first take apart the components. You will need to remove the window from the frame and find separate recycling solutions for each. You can do this by unscrewing all the hinges and using a hammer/chisel to loosen the fixings holding the glass in place.

Find A Recycling Centre

While glass is largely recyclable, window glass has normally undergone numerous treatments. It may be tinted, coloured or tempered – all techniques that make the glass suitable for its purpose but more challenging to recycle. We recommend speaking to your local council who should be able to advise.

Repurposing Your Windows

Another option, depending on the quality of your windows, is to repurpose them. Some older windows can be reused in new properties – however, you will need to check the building regulations to ensure they are legally suitable before offering them for this purpose. Additionally, you may want to save the window frame and turn it into something new for your homes, such as a picture frame or a garden feature.

At Castle Home Improvements, we provide high-quality UPVC wind