Your kitchen and bathroom are two of the most important rooms in the home. One is a hub of activity, drawing the entire family together at meal times. The other is the place you transform in the mornings and relax in the evening. However, not all households have the luxury of enough space for their dream kitchen or bathroom. And, when it comes to smaller rooms, the difficulty can be avoiding clutter while making sure everything is within arms reach. That’s where well-researched planning and styling come in handy. So, here is how to make the most of your small kitchen and bathroom.

Use drawers, nor doors

No matter how well they’re organised, small cupboards can quickly become messy and unorganised. To reach items in the back, you’ll have to root through everything before it. Drawers, on the other hand, pull out to display the entire storage area fully. Use drawer dividers and organise your most essential items neatly.

Forget handles

Although handles are a brilliant way of personalising cupboards, they can also make a small space look more cluttered. Opt for unit doors with inbuilt slots or spring mechanisms for a clean, uninterrupted style.

Optimise surface space

In kitchens, use a section of your countertop as a breakfast bar to eliminate the need for a kitchen table. In bathrooms, transform a corner into your beauty hub with a light up mirror and tubs to organise your makeup. Making the most of surface space allows you to use every inch to its full potential.

Hang storage on the walls

Shelves are a brilliant way to free up space while still offering storage. In bathrooms, consider hanging your vanity unit on the wall to make more floor space. Other things, such as utensils, can be stored on the walls too. Consider hook boards or magnets.

Consider the sink

In both of these rooms, the sink takes up considerable space. Consider an undermount sink in kitchens to free up cooking surface space. In small bathrooms, corner sinks can free up the traffic lane between toilet-sink and shower.

Custom-built storage

Getting your storage made bespoke is the ideal way of optimising on space. Pull out pantry cupboards, corner units and twisting shelving all help to keep your space clean. Also, consider building cupboards right up to the ceiling for added space or fitting a shelf above lower units.

No matter the space, you can transform the smallest room into one that works well for the entire family. Here at Castle Home Improvements, we have a wealth of building experience to help make the most of your tiny kitchen or bathroom. Contact us today for more information.