As winter is creeping closer, the nights are getting darker and the days are slightly colder, now has never been a better time to prepare your home for winter. While you can still hope there are a few warm summer days left, we can’t stop the winter from arriving. To get your home in the best condition for the upcoming winter months, here are a few top tips that will keep your home in the best condition until next year.

1. Windows and Doors

Draught proofing your home is an essential task before the winter. Draughty windows can lead to colder rooms and higher energy bills. Check around your windows and doors for any gaps that could be letting in cold air or allowing warm air to seep out. Check around your loft hatches and pipework too, making sure that there are no gaps. You can use self-adhesive foam tapes, or you can buy a metal door strip with a brush attached to keep out the draughts. Consider whether your home could benefit from a window and door upgrade to something more energy-efficient.

2. Clean your Guttering

Over time gutters become clogged with dirt, debris and algae which can cause blockages. Leaves, twigs and moss accumulate and when gutters become blocked leaks can cause the water to drip or run into the masonry. If the moisture is then absorbed through the wall it can result in dampness on internal walls.

3. Drainage

While you are checking your gutters and downpipes, check external leaves for fallen leaves, garden debris or grass clippings. This will prevent rainwater from gathering or pooling in areas where it shouldn’t. Pay close attention to the guttering and drainage around your conservatory, making sure that there are no leaks or blockages that can cause problems.

4. Home Exterior

At the end of the summer, check around the exterior of your home, looking for signs of damage, wear, tear and anywhere where water could enter your home. Check brickwork for any loose mortar, your roof for any loose tiles or ridge tiles, dry verges to make sure that the cement hasn’t fallen out, leaving your loft area exposed or that your roofing is in good order.

5. Your Roof

This leads us onto the final home maintenance tip which is for your roof. If the roof needs some attention now, it’s best not to leave it to be fixed during the winter months. A harsh winter can make the problem a whole lot worse.