No matter how much you plan for your future, things can and do change. Maybe the home that you purchased as a forever home is no longer meeting your requirements, so you have a decision; move or extend. Whether you have a growing family, you are changing career, or you have recently taken up a new hobby there are lots of reasons why you need more space. For many people, when this issue comes up this is a decision that many people will consider.

So, which is a better idea? Which option should you consider for you and your family? We think that an extension could be the better option and here are the main reasons why.

An extension is an investment for your future

Of course, moving home is an investment for your future, especially if you buy a bigger home, but an extension can be seen as an investment too. When you extend your home, you are making it bigger and you are increasing its value. So, if you do find in a few years’ time that you want to sell, or you do pass it down to your own children, then it should be worth a lot more money.

It is less stressful

Moving home is incredibly stressful. In fact, it is one of the most stressful things that you can do. Having an extension built isn’t always the most relaxing of things to have going on in your home, but it is certainly less stressful then moving your entire family.

You can stay in a home that you love

Chances are that you are going to love the home that you live in, after all you chose it for a reason. If you do love your home, but you find that you are lacking on space, then an extension could be the perfect option. Not only will it give you the space that your family needs, but you can also stay in the house that you love too.

It should cost you less

Moving home is expensive, not only do you need to think about deposits and mortgages, but you also need to raise fees and costs associated to moving too. Extensions will cost you and this will usually run into a fair few thousands of pounds, depending on the size of the extension you wish to build, but the cost will be much less than moving home completely.

As you can see, there are a wealth of reasons why you might want to think about arranging an extension on your property rather than moving out completely. Extensions may have a cost associated to them, but they definitely are a long-term investment that will improve your home and make sure that you have all the space that you need.

A home extension can be an effective way to create more space for your family, perhaps to use as a home office or maybe even additional storage space but the benefits of creating a family friendly extension are far more appealing than the stress of moving home.