What are the signs it’s time for new windows?

Windows go through a lot. They withstand all weathers and they have to adapt to the changing temperatures and conditions outside and inside your home. If your home has wooden or aluminium framed windows you might not even notice the problems that these could be causing. There are signs, some subtle while others are more obvious that could be warning signs that your windows need to be upgraded.

Modern windows are beneficial for multiple reasons. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing they are more energy efficient and they can increase the amount of natural light that flows into your home. If your windows are old, draughty or they aren’t performing as they should it’s time for a replacement. In this guide we will walk you through some of the signs to look out for that could be an indication that your home needs new windows.

Single Pane Windows

If you still have original windows and your home was built before 1970 there is a good chance that the windows will only have a single pane of glass. This is not only bad for your home but can result in significant heat loss and higher energy bills. If you replace them with single or triple glazing, you will really feel the difference.

Warped or Damaged Windows

Sometimes it might be possible to repair a defective window as opposed to replacing the whole unit and if the problem is minor such as needing new hardware, a simple repair could do the trick. However, when windows become damaged or warped replacing the entire frame is always the preferred option. Condensation, draughts and cold spots could be caused by the damage on your windows.

Energy Bills

If your energy bills are skyrocketing your windows might be to blame. In UK homes windows can fill large sections of the wall and if your existing windows are poorly fitted or they are old they will be letting out more heat than they should be. Draughty windows can increase your energy bills particularly during the winter months.

Difficulty Opening or Closing Windows

You shouldn’t have to struggle to open and close your windows. Any window that you have that is difficult to open or close should be replaced. Sometimes it could be the hinges, the mechanisms inside that have become wet or damaged over time or maybe the windows just don’t fit properly anymore. All these are good reasons to consider replacement windows.