Adding a conservatory to your home is a great way to increase size. In addition, it allows you to enjoy your garden throughout the Summer and Winter. But once you’ve decided that this is the right option for you, do you know what permissions you may need? Does this sort of project fall under planning permission regulations? Will you need to apply for legal permission? We’ve covered everything you need to know right here in this blog.

Do I need planning permission for my conservatory?

Thankfully, most conservatories fall under the remit of the ‘permitted development’ rights. These include general household projects that do not require planning permission. This particular set of rights are granted, not by a local authority, but by Parliament. It is worth noting that permitted development rights cover houses and commonly don’t apply to flats, maisonettes of buildings.

Are there any restrictions to permitted development rights for conservatories?

There are certain limits and conditions you need to know when planning your conservatory. Your project will fall under permitted development if:

  • No more than half the area of the land around your ‘original house’ will be covered by additions of other buildings
  • There is no extension planned forward of the principal elevation or side elevation fronting a highway
  • No part of the extension is going to be higher than the highest part of your roof
  • For all single-story rear extensions (conservatories), the new building must not extend beyond the rear wall of your original house by more than 4 meters, if the house is detached. This reduces to 3 meters for any other type of house. (Please note, there are increased limits for certain homes. Make sure to research this carefully before planning)
  • The maximum height of your conservatory must be no more than 4 meters
  • The maximum eaves height of your conservatory must be within 2 meters of the boundary
  • Your conservatory roof pitch must match that of your existing home
  • Your conservatory may not include a veranda, balcony or raised platform
    If you live in a conservation area or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the restrictions of your permitted development rights may vary. For more information, visit Planning Portal or get in touch with Castle Home Improvements today.